Automated Gate Systems

Control entry and egress for different fleet vehicles and users in enclosed areas

Automated Gate Systems

Gate Terminal

The ability to automatically control who is permitted in or out of an secure lot, with which vehicle(s), at any given time, is a powerful management tool for a range of environments: From automotive dealership to municipal lot, from corporate fleet to motor pool, CMI automated gate systems put you in control. Multiple authentication methods are supported, including RFID - Radio Frequency Identification key fobs, RFID vehicle tags, fingerprint biometrics, and/or barcode technology. The Automated Gates Systems are compatible with several manufacturers’ gates, barriers and gate arms. Systems can be operated unattended due to an extensive set of security measures. Remote administration of the automated gate is accomplished through the call-routing intercom system and web administration system. By eliminating vehicle thefts, tracking errors, attendant costs and resource misuse, your automated gate system quickly pays for itself.

Automated Gate Terminal Capabilities:

  • Physically Controls Access and Egress
    • To Approved Vehicle
    • To Approved Service Agent
    • To Approved Schedule
  • Powered by low DC voltage
  • Wi-Fi Communication Option
  • Web Enabled Terminal
    • Web page views and report access
    • Terminal status and Setup through web pages
  • Optional Printer Provides a Record of Transaction

Automated Gate Software:

  • Limits Access/Egress by User Set Rules
    • By department
    • By vehicle
    • By need, use or role
    • Internal use (Maintenance, equipment, etc.)
    • Company Service Vehicles
    • Executive & Demo Vehicles
    • By schedule
    • Reports & Screens
    • By Department / Cost Center
    • By Service Agent
  • Manager Override
  • Reports & Exports data