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Our Fleet Fuel Management Systems Give You Complete Control Over a Critical, Costly Resource

Fuel costs are a major expense at any car or truck dealership. The opportunity for fuel misallocation and waste increases in proportion to the size and variety of inventory, the number of employees and the range of fuel uses. Whether it’s a full tank for the new car buyer or a few gallons for a test drive, whether it’s high octane for a high performance vehicle or diesel for a long-cab pickup truck, our Dealer Fuel Management Systems let you set the rules and control the dispensing.

Our Fleet Fuel Management Systems Give You Complete Control Over a Critical, Costly Resource
Take Charge of Fuel Costs and User Permissions

Take Charge of Fuel Costs and User Permissions

With our Dealer Fuel Management Systems, you can put tight fuel controls on the porters while allowing the sales manager to override a limit for a particular situation. Multiple fuel dispensing stations can be fully networked to log information, report data and control the amount of fuel dispensed to a specific vehicle, as well as the personnel who perform each action at a given time and location.

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Genus® Fuel Island Overview

This system tracks fuel dispensed and controls dispenser operation. The system evokes user-defined rules and limits for fuel dispensed and is designed to work well with rapidly changing dealer vehicle inventory. There is tracking of the person who did the fueling, the unit number of the vehicle, the amount fueled, the dispenser number, and the date and time.

The system identifies the operator with either a badge or keyboard PIN entry and authorizes that individual based on an authorization time schedule. The vehicle is identified by either the barcode stock number or the manufacturer’s VIN. The tracking of fuel dispensed is based on the purpose for fueling with user-defined limits. The categories include pre-delivery inspection, test drive, new car delivery, repair order and several internal uses, such as company maintenance equipment and vehicles. There is also a provision for cost-center tracking, such as different operation groups and customer billings for repair orders.

This product is mounted near a fuel dispenser to track and control fuel dispensing by applying rules for authorization to use. The rules require a valid user and valid vehicle, with fuel amounts limited to user-defined measures set for each type of fueling event, such as new car delivery, test drive, maintenance equipment, and more.


  • Controls fuel dispensed to user-defined preset limits
  • Works with most dispenser models
  • Generates receipts with optional printer
  • Uses several network connection options

Fuel Island Features

  • Software term license
  • Network connection options: Ethernet Cat 5/6, Wi-Fi, Cellular, ZigBee
  • Dispenser interface options: Serial communication with dispenser, hardwired interface using CMI Fuel Controller Module
  • Dispensed fuel amount limits by transaction type: New car delivery, demonstration drive, internal use (security, maintenance, etc.)
  • Full audit data for fuel dispensed: By dispenser, by user, by vehicle, by cost center
  • Optional printer provides a receipt of the transaction

Terminal Overview

The Genus® Fuel Island Terminal is the programmable, human interface to your fuel dispensing station. Its onboard keypad and 320×240 LCD display accommodate user input, while any number of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key fobs, RFID vehicle tags, fingerprint biometrics, and/or barcode technologies can be employed for vehicle and user identification. The terminal supports Ethernet, WiFi, Cellular, RS485, and RS232 communications, has a multi-tone beeper for user feedback, and requires only 24 VDC power.

Terminal Features

  • Tracks fuel dispensed to a specific vehicle
  • Controls fuel dispensers to approved vehicle, to approved service agent, to approved schedule, to preset fuel amount limits
  • Powered by low DC voltage
  • Wi-Fi communication option
  • Web-enabled terminal: Web page views and report access, terminal status and setup through web pages
  • Optional printer provides a receipt of the transaction

Software Overview

This comprehensive software package for the control and management of dealer fuel islands anticipates the various ways in which dealerships fuel their fleets. The package can also be easily customized for unique circumstances. The software accommodates the variety of personnel, departments, and uses that automotive dealers employ in their daily operations. It easily interfaces for integral interaction with existing dealership management software, inventory control and employee databases.

Software Features

  • Tracks fuel dispensed to a specific vehicle
  • Limits fuel by user set rules and amounts by department, new/certified car fills, used car limits, test drive limits, internal use (maintenance, equipment, etc.), company service vehicles, executive and demo vehicles
  • Limits dispenser operation to a vehicle on approved list, by role (approved agents), by schedule, reports and screens, by department/cost center, by service agent, by vehicle
  • Manager override
  • Shows all fuel dispensed
  • Aids in fuel reconciliation and cost accounting
  • Reports and exports data
  • Shows vehicle and service agent records
  • Factory warranty – Reimbursable fuel costs
  • Service/repair test drive – Customer billable

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