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Comprehensive Systems for Tracking Productivity and Managing the Use of Fuel and Vehicles

Commercial, municipal and rental fleets around the world use our systems to manage their unique requirements – tracking and controlling vehicles, service agent productivity, vehicle cleaning and other maintenance requirements, fuel dispensed and dispenser operation. For commercial and municipal fleets, these systems can also record or notify assigned users for the shift or period of use.

Comprehensive Systems for Tracking Productivity and Managing the Use of Fuel and Vehicles
Significantly Increase Your Operation's Efficiency

Significantly Increase Your Operation's Efficiency

Our systems have a feature to check for “hold” codes that would suggest not cleaning, fueling or servicing a vehicle at a given time. Instead, they can redirect vehicles as necessary to other areas, such as maintenance or hold-to-sell, before servicing. The systems also identify, track and authorize the operator by use of either a badge or keyboard PIN, and record the amount fueled, the dispenser number, and the date and time. The associated vehicle is identified by either the barcode label, stock number, RFID or manufacturer’s VIN.

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  • Software term license
  • Network connection options: Ethernet Cat 5/6, Wi-Fi, Cellular, ZigBee
  • Dispenser interface options: Serial communication with dispenser, hardwired interface using CMI Fuel Controller Module
  • Auto ID by barcode scanner for employee badge and vehicle unit number or manufacturers VIN barcode: Employee ID
  • Barcode badge
  • Key entry PIN
  • Prox badge
  • Full audit data for fuel dispensed by dispenser, by user, by vehicle or by cost center


  • Prevents cleaning and fueling operations on vehicles with holds
  • Controls fuel dispensed to user-defined rules
  • Works with most dispenser models
  • Receipts with optional printer
  • Tracks vehicle users and can record damage input data
  • Uses several network connection options


  • NEMA rated enclosures
  • Low voltage terminals

Fleet Management’s Vehicle Processing Products Include:

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