Fleet Management

Product Support

Control Module offers a wide variety of service solutions and maintenance programs to meet the needs of your business.

Our support expertise covers the entire CMI product line and extends to non-CMI electronic products and peripherals.

In addition to these services, CMI offers programs that range from training classes to telephone support, to on-site support of system installation, since each customer has unique requirements which apply to its particular installation and equipment.

Service Options

The CMI Service Center provides several service options including:

  • Extended Warranty – Annual (maintenance program purchased with product)
  • Product Advanced Replacement
  • Maintenance – Annual (5-day in-house turnaround)
  • Incident Maintenance (5-day in-house turnaround)
  • Time & Material (2-, 5- or 10-day turnaround)

Extended Warranty Plans

CMI recommends the extended warranty plans to be purchased at time of placing the order for the hardware. This will save time and money to later purchase a post warranty maintenance plan.

Exchange Service Plans

Product Exchange

CMI will ship replacements to the customer’s site for any defective CMI unit. Replacements can arrive at the customer’s site as quickly as 10:30 AM the next working day, depending on the plan chosen. Annual rates include overnight shipment to the location and second day prepaid freight for the return.

Hardware Maintenance Plans

Annual Return to Depot

The CMI Service Center will repair or replace any CMI defective part within 10 working days (in-house). Annual rates include hardware enhancements and one-way prepaid freight.

Software Maintenance Plans

The customer must purchase a support plan at time of placing the order for the software in order to receive support and software updates.

Incident Return to Depot

The CMI Service Center will repair any CMI defective part within 10 days (in-house) under the time and material plan. Repairs are warranted for 90 days.


CMI will dispatch a service representative to the customer’s site to repair any defective product. The representative is dispatched after the customer notifies the CMI Service Center and will arrive at the customer’s site the next working day, depending on the plan chosen.

Support Options

Product Training

CMI provides training for all of its products. Classes are conducted by a qualified field engineer or technician and can be held at the customer’s site or CMI’s Technical Center. The classes range from operator procedures to modular level troubleshooting and repair.

Telephone Support

Trained and authorized CMI Tech Support Representatives provide assistance over the telephone on such topics as product operation, system re-installation, alternative system set-ups and system troubleshooting.

Engineering Support

Engineering assistance is available to the customer in such areas as system design, installation, check-out, and start-up and troubleshooting. At the customer’s request, the CMI Engineer can provide on-site supervision of a system installation and verify its correct operation.

Because each customer has unique requirements that apply to their specific installations and equipment, we encourage you to call the CMI Fleet Management Sales Office toll free at 1-800-722-6654. For additional information, please call 1-860-253-4210, email us at sales@cmifleet.com, or fill out an online request.